V12 Supra[JZA80]
PitRoadM M-Golden
Hayabusa GTO Ver.3 [Z16A]
The Z is spotted at the Fuji Speedway making its preliminary shakedown passes!
PitRoadM M-Golden
Hayabusa GTO Ver.3 [Z16A]
920 HP ROAR!
Abflug Curve DESIGN
Dual Supras with a Custom Look that can be Specially Ordered!
•Fortune model TOKYO DRIFT RX-7 [FD3S] Japan is the stage for the next “The Fast and The Furious” film!
•HKS RACING PERFORMER IS220-Z HKS's 2nd version with an entirely revamped chassis and suspension!
•power house amuse CARBON R Super Lightweight GT-R that Weighs in 900lbs Lighter than Stock.
•IDEALIZM K20A-MID MR-S [ZZW30] Naturally Aspirated Top Speed NA Beast! K20A Equipped!
•R·Y·O STYLE GD RX-7 [FD3S] Built as Fast as a GT Machine with the Styling of a D1 Vehicle!!
•ANCELTION SKYLINE[V35] Anceltion Challenges to Redesign the Sport Compact Vehicles!
•Nagisa Auto LANCER Evolution VIII MR [CT9A] Marking 1 min 24 seconds at the Central Circuit
with a Simple Boost Increase.
•BLACK ILLUSION SF-X15 SILVIA [S15] The Tuner From Western Japan Attempts to Build the Best S15!!
•FAIRLADY Z 300ZX [CZ32] With 3.1 Liters and Twin GT2530 Turbos, the Acceleration can be
Compared to that of a Jet Fighter Plane!
•CAR BOUTIQUE ERG SIFT 86 D1 SPEC [AE86] The Quickness, Extreme Angles,
and the Secrets to the Speed are Revealed!
•Super GReddy 7 RE208 RX-7 [FD3S] 3 Rotor + Huge Single Turbo = 300km/h Wangan Cruising Beast
•RS-R SUPRA [JZA80] He Holds a Presence Like No Other.
A Top Ranked D1 Grand Prix Contender who Hates to Lose!
•PHOENIX'S POWER MR2 street sports [SW20] Great Stability that Keeps up with this Enormous Power.
This Street Machine Proves all the Negative Aspects of the MR2!
•Xanthic CIVIC [EJ1] An Overwhelming Appearance of Full Red Carbon Body
•TDC-057 SPIDER RX-7 [FD3S] The Key Word for this Concept is Modern.
The Unique Styling of this Machine will Surely Catch the World's Attention!!
•Moderuno Beet 300ZX [Z32] BEAUTIFUL AND EXTREME!! Wangan Imaged Body Construction
•WORKS9 XX DRIFT STYLE 180SX [RS13] A New Drift Style from an Aero Parts Maker!
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