An overwhelming appearance of full red carbon body
Looks ordinary, but it's really an incredible creation. This is the new Spocon style!
At a quick glance, this car is nothing more ordinary than a regular civic. It just looks to be a sporty civic with a candy red paint job that shines radiantly in the sun.
The true nature of this machine becomes revealed as we take a closer look.
This must be the first car in the entire world to be fully wrapped in red colored carbon fiber. Their 1st creation was a silver carbon fiber Prelude, which astonished the whole world with its beautiful looks. The base material was silver carbon fiber for this civic. This special material is known to be stiffer than a regular carbon weave, making it extremely difficult to bend it into a curved surface. This civic was constructed as an heir of previous project, this time a gleaming red carbon body was built by utilizing a special color coat on the silver carbon material.
Another original idea was integrated into this project. They made a tilting hood mechanism by utilizing custom hood stay components for support.
It was said to be very difficult to create a tilting hood for civics because of its limited space around the front end. Xanthic began developing the single hood support component and made it so that it would slide, resolving the the space issue.
The engine modifications were done right, creating 250 horses with the help of a NX Nitrous System. The suspension installed utilizes an external tank for better driving performance.
This machine has a load of work done to it despite its average appearance. This gorgeous, yet calm appearance may be the next trend in the spocon style tuning.

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The seam lines have been completely eliminated from the A pillar to the rear quarter for a smooth body appearance. Xantic perfected this technique after months of numerous tests. This carbon is all produced in-house and the best feature about it is the visible carbon fiber weave that is made from silver carbon. The basic colors such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pink, etc are available for production.
Developed with the assistance of Weld, the leading company that constructs these hoods, the single support beam for the tilting bonnet was made heavy and secure. The arms remain hidden and the hood shuts smoothly just like any stock hood. The double support type was used on the silver Prelude. The difference is obvious when comparing the two.
The beautifully anodized valve cover isn't just for show. An Integra Type-R B18C motor was planted along with AE101 individual throttle bodies. On top of this, an NX wet nitrous kit was hooked up, for a 250 horsepower setup. Weld has done a spectacular job in creating this machine, with not a single exposed wire in sight.
Xanthic Tilt hood/Front Bumper/Wide Fender/Side Skirts/Rear Bumper/Trunk(all are made in color carbon)/Gull Wing Kit/ Euro Tail/ TOYO Proxes (215/35-19) WORK XS A-02C (FR:7.5J +370 Weld Custom size)
It has to be the first in the world!
"It's been said that it is impossible to paste the silver carbon material onto the body. This silver carbon Prelude was built to show the whole world what we are capable of. In fact, this silver carbon project is the 2nd version we built. This is also currently the first one in the world. The coloring turned out to be great and gives great visual impact. It was very time consuming to paste the material since everything was done by hand. You can create your own color by mixing various colors, so please come by and visit us if you want to construct a vehicle of your own."

Xanthic: Mr. Takahashi
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