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The so-called king of the tuning car platforms, the Silvia and 180SX, are definitely the most popular choice in this sport. However, sedans have recently been gaining popularity and the other accepted platforms have been declining in numbers. As a result, the used car market has been dropping their price on these vehicles. Now, the beginners can easily buy cars with these low rates. And besides, since the 180SX is a long selling model, there are cases where the cars that were sold for a short period of time can be bought for fairly cheap. Also, experienced enthusiasts now realize that the modern heavier bodied sedans are hard to maneuver and so they are once again setting their preferences to the vehicles that they grew up with. One of these guys is Mr. Ohtsuka representing Works9. The minute he got his license and bought his 180SX, he dreamed of changing the 180SX to a modern look. Being a drift enthusiast, Ohtsuka is an experienced in auto body, transforming his 180SX into his personal demo car. However, this car is not just for show, it performs as well as it looks. Some major changes included the chassis was stripped and spot welded with a custom roll cage, and the fenders were completely modified to make room for the wide tires. A dash board from an S15 had been swapped into this vehicle as well. Since Ohtsuka works for an aero kit company, he was particularly picky about choosing the exterior. Front and rear blister fenders were added, and bumpers that still allow air into the engine while still drifting sideways were chosen. He is also proud of the F magic aero components which are very flexible and can lots of light crashes without producing damage.
A lightly tuned SR20DET uses aftermarket camshafts and a S15 turbine for a total of 320 horses.  This setup is very easy to drive because it is not outrageously powered. The drift angles were improved with the modified fenders that were based from researching the HKS D1 machine.
Wide Fenders
The newly produced wide fender has a width of the 25mm in the front and 45mm in the rear. The flexible F Magic body components are used, and rivets hold together the body components for that rugged look.
The suspension includes GP Sport’s newest product, the G Master. The 4 pot front brakes are from a R32, and the rear cross member came off of a S15.
Even though everything looks pretty normal, a S15 dashboard had been fitted. From the desire of wanting to ride this 180SX with a fresh feeling, the installation itself was fairly simple. However, the whole entire electrical wiring seemed like it was pretty tedious work. Also, the vehicle was once fully gutted and the roll cage was welded together.
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