ANCELTION SKYLINE [V35] From Drift Tengoku [May, 2006]
Anceltion Challenges 
to Redesign the Sport 
Compact Vehicles!  
Anceltion is known to produce popular body kits and mufflers for the van and luxury vehicles industry. Starting spring, 2006, they came out with a new line of products named the Viral Sports, catering to a new genre of vehicles. Their V35 demo car was built for the purpose of making heads turn everywhere it goes.
Packed with Anceltion's cool features!    
  Anceltion is a well known maker of the hottest aero parts. Although we would have never predicted their shift in product marketing, their quality and craftsmanship have been well maintained regardless of their change.
  Being used to the luxury vehicle industry, the Skyline was chosen for their demo car because of its sporty and luxurious characteristics. The front bumper was extended not only for looks, but for aerodynamic purposes. The kit consists of 3 pieces; the front, sides and rear. Once the kit is fitted and installed, the Skyline looks to be a widebody.
  The interior is filled with suede just like the high-class European rides out there. Necessary gauges are added to the panels, deterring from the look of a VIP class (luxury) cockpit. The panel switches also give the feel of a real race machine.
  The rear window is made of plexiglass for weight reduction, a thick unit was installed for extended sturdiness. The balance of race and comfort is well thought and executed in this vehicle.
  The main reason why the Skyline was chosen as their demo car was "We didn't fit the image of modifying a Silvia. The Fairlady Z33 looked appealing, so we chose the Skyline which was like a more luxurious version of the Z." claimed Mr. Toriyama. Their next demo car is planned to be the Z33, which is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2006.
  The drifting industry fully supports aftermarket parts manufacturers that provide cool looking aero kits for FR vehicles because they shape the car scene to what it is today. The industry believes that if there are parts available to enhance the looks of a car, then there will be parts available to enhance the speed and handling as well.
  We asked the guys at Anceltion if they had any interest in D1. They replied that the vehicle needs more power and the idea of a supercharger install was recently thrown out the window. This indicates that they are in fact thinking of participation in the D1 series in the near future.
  This is the style of 
our body kits!  
More models coming soon!
Anceltion Staff
Mr. Toriyama
The Skyline coupe looks far better with the over all length of the car extended more than 20 centimeters. The wheels are an Anceltion shop wheel named Glassenheit SP Six Revo. (F: 19x9.5 R: 19x10.5)
No Grill!
The one piece front bumper (59,850 yen) is a grill less unit that looks similar to the styling of a Z33. The duct serves as a gateway for fresh air to the air filter. The carbon fiber hood (94,290 yen)is designed to match with the bumper.
Stock Fitment Gives a Wide Look!
The rear bumper (55,650 yen) is attached to a diffuser panel and is molded with twin ducts that redirect the incoming air. The rear is designed so that the stock fitting bumper looks wider. The side steps (49,350 yen) comes with fins and ducts as well.
Simple Color Scheme!
These guys at Anceltion are used to working on interiors of luxury vehicles. In this V35, the panels have been removed to shave weight. The custom E-brake handle matches very well with the black and white suede lining. The in-dash roll cage was painted to fit with the color scheme of the car.
Function and Comfort
is the Priority!
The A/C panel was relocated to the passenger seat side, and the necessary gauges were lined up in its place in the center. The gauges were set to be easy to glance at while driving. The A/C system is fully intact and in working order.
A Drift Enthusiast 
Checks out 
the Demo Car!
Mr. Tanaka (T.S.F.) The Make and Design of the Console is Second to None!
When I heard that Anceltion made a V35 demo car, I immediately thought about a V35 modified to luxury style. My perceptions were wrong, the body kit is very sporty and it's something that will sell.
The best feature of this car by far is the interior. The suede is wrapped around the switches and the gauges are lined up for easy view. My only wish is that I wish this thing had a little more power.
The quarter glass was removed and a sheet metal was welded in, and smoothed out. I'm sure there are a lot of people who dislike this style but most of the sports cars are made up like this. The paint is based off the red in a RX-8 but is layered with other colors to produce this incredible shine.
I noticed that it is very much like the Anceltion style to separate the main and side ducts on the bumper. All their body kits for the wagons and luxury vehicles are like this but with fog lights in place of the ducts.
Laying Suede on the panels might not be that special in this industry, but Anceltion took it one step further and lined the areas surrounding the function buttons as well. The switches and the gauges are placed with simplicity in mind.
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