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Moderuno Beet 300ZX FAIRLADY Z [Z32]
The stock front bumper can be used with the rest of this body kit!
When we talk about the Fairlady Z, we often think of a stylish body with a high performance engine that Nissan engineered from a GT sports car. The Z32 was the first car to reach the self imposed restriction limit of 280 ps, which astonished a lot of the car fanatics. Modifications of these cars ensued and soon enough, 300 km/h cars were running around in the streets, being labeled as the Supra and GTR killer. The Z32 had a superbly aerodynamic body benefiting the performance especially at over 300 km/h. 16 years after its birth, this car collected fans across the world that is still crazy for the Z32. The Z that is featured in this article has been challenging the top speed time trials for a long period and continuously performing well. At the end of last year, the Curve Auto Design body kit was fitted onto this vehicle presenting its extremity on the sidelines. This kit doesn't include a front bumper, as they left it up to the enthusiast to choose one that suits their taste.
The Revolfe SA tuned engine marked its spot with a 300 km/h run. With an automatic transmission, the power is a little shy from 500 hp. The motor was fully balanced with solid lifters in the head assembly, and a turbo off a S14 was used.
Quantum's lowering suspension has an elongated stroke and holds its ground very well especially on the streets. The front brakes are 6 pot and the rear was fitted with GTR Brembo units. The suspension arms have been modified as well.
Revolfe SA built auto transmission was connected to a tranny cooler to run at high speeds. The interior was coordinated with the color blue and the gauges were laid out like a top speed time attack machine.
Porshe 911 headlights and the TBK front bumper matches perfectly. The low headlights serve its purpose well by lighting up foreign objects on the road ahead. Curve Design's body kit lets the buyer choose what style front bumper to go with the rest of the kit.
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