Abflug・Curve DESIGN SUPRA [JZA80] From OPTION2 [Nov. 2006]
Dual Supras with a Custom Look 
that can be Specially Ordered!
Abflug Curve DESIGN
Wide body Supra design from Abflug!
  Behold the Abflug Curve Design. Abflug strives to be the only entity that embraces the most unique vehicle styling in the entire world. Mr. Amemiya of Abflug first designed a Z33 that was plastered on the cover of OPTION2 magazine and has been coming up with many of his own vehicle styling ever since. Having designed loads of machines, this man is a legend in the making.
  The 2 custom Supras that are pictured above had also been designed by Amemiya himself. The creation of these machines started when the owner of the vehicle took high interest in one of Amemiya's design, the Abflug Zephyr body kit. The owner then proceeded to request a special kit made by using the Zephyr as a base. An exclusive request for a one-off body kit is hard to come by these days.
  The light blue Supra uses a Veilside rear hatch as a base along with modified rear fenders. The designer succeeded in creating smooth lines and to create a look that has never been seen before.
  An Abflug S900 front bumper was outfitted on the orange Supra. In order for this bumper to match the rest of the car, the fenders and other areas had to be modified. This particular bumper enhances Toyota's original design however the change is so drastic that we needed to remind ourselves that this car is still a Supra.
  Abflug emphasizes on creating a vehicle that caters specially to the owner's individual needs. For those who would like a unique automobile specially constructed for your viewing pleasure, it is recommended that you give Abflug a try.
New rear hatch that creates a whole new look!
Modified Abflug Zephyr bodykit / hood, modified Veilside rear hatch (Curve Design), Headlight finisher / gullwing, rear diffuser, Ray's Volk Racing GT-C II (F: 8.5Jx19, R 10.5Jx19)
Although a puddle of water may form here on rainy days, the owner didn't care and exclusively requested this revolutionary design. This component changes the entire look of the vehicle especially when viewed from the side. The headlight finisher component requires the inside of the housing to be painted to match the exterior paint.
Although the base kit is the Abflug Zephyr, the fenders and the bodylines had to be modified in order to cater to this door function.
A Supra fascia with a whole new look!
Abflug Zephyr kit / modified S900 front bumper, Curve Design gullwing doors, Work VS-KF (F: 9.5Jx19 R: 11.6Jx19)
The portion of bumper that slightly blocks the corner light greatly contributes to the new image. The rear hatch was attached to the duckbill like spoiler, making it one piece. The entire vehicle stretches past 2 meters.
Monitors and subwoofers are stuffed inside the rear hatch. It's hard to believe that this vehicle is daily driven!
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