With 3.1 Liters and Twin GT2530 Turbos, 
the Acceleration can be Compared 
to that of a Jet Fighter Plane! 
300ZX [CZ32]
89mm Oversized pistons plus increased displacement from 
2960cc to 3097cc were performed.  500 horsepower extruding 
from this engine is supported by H-beam connecting rods and 
other strengthened parts.
Trial's Z32 was initially built as a full drag machine, but was later transformed into a street vehicle after receiving a fully reworked suspension. The true performance of the VG30DETT is awoken after increased displacement and upgraded turbos.
 This is Trial’s second Z32 that they have acquired; on top of that, the shop has a Z33 and Z31 in the works. These guys are totally Z freaks and are the masters of modifying these two seater cars.
 At first, the vehicle started with a simple boost increase for a drag racing setup. Growing tired of the capacity of the stock turbos, they were replaced with twin GT2530 units. Soon after, a full engine build up was going underway, from oversized pistons, H-beam rods, and camshafts to name a few.
 With the new setup at 1.4 bar of boost, the engine creates over 600 horses on tap. On top of that, a NX nitrous system adds a 100 more horses to the existing numbers. Although the VG30s are weak at the top end and the rev limiter is set at 7500 rpms, this VG has plenty of low end torque to snap the driver's neck. The power can be realized after 2500 rpms.
 The stock transmission could not hold up to the overwhelming demands the engine was making. Here, a HKS 6 speed was mated to the setup.
 Not only is this vehicle very fast, but the exterior is worth more than a double take. An aero kit from Ab Flug was installed along with a vividly red paint job. Then the entire setup was accessorized with neon LED lights for the night life.
 The interior was coordinated from the seats to the door trim red and black.
 Not only is this Z very fast, but also a show stopper anywhere it goes.
A Wet Shot NX Nitrous System Injects 100 horsepower at Full Throttle!
VG30DETT 3.1 Liters 700hp@ 1.4 Bar Boost, Port & Polish / Tomei Camshafts (IN/EX 260 8.8mm lift) / JUN Valve Springs, Retainers / Tomei 1.2mm Head Gasket, 89mm Oversized Pistons, H-Beam Connecting Rods / Fully Balanced Crankshaft / HKS GT2530 x2, Strengthened Internal Wastegates, Power Flow / HKS Intercooler / 5 Zigen Piping / HKS Catalytic Converter x2 / Zees Exhaust / Three Row Radiator / HKS Oil Cooler / Bosch Fuel Pump x2 / Custom Collection Tank / Border Fuel Rail / 850cc x6 Injectors / Nismo Pressure Regulator / Blitz Spark Plugs / HKS F-Con Vpro, EVC3 / NX Nitrous System
Since one GT2530 turbine can create 320 horses, two units can easily surpass the 600 mark. Shown on the photo is the turbo on the left side and since the other turbo is hidden from view because of the steering rack and drive shaft, it is difficult to inspect.
An HKS front mount unit was chosen for this setup. Since the VG30DETT pipings are segregated by each turbo, the air is directed through the intercooler to the twin throttle body setup. The Ab Flug front bumper is matched with a built in fog lamp assembly.
The nitrous injector resides right before the throttle body. With the flip of a switch, the jets can be automated at full throttle, or switched to manual mode where the nitrous switch lies in the hands of the driver. A 100 horsepower rush can be realized after the switch is pressed.
The Zee’s exhaust system is made of steel and chrome. The 100mm quad tipped exhaust protrudes from the rear of the vehicle.
HKS Triple Plate Clutch, 6 speed MT/ Cusco LSD
The Cusco tension rods are installed. The suspensions are DG-5 trial products and will be sold after the settings. The brake rotors, calipers, and pads are stock and they are enough for this vehicle.
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Not Only is this Vehicle Fast, but the Small Details Cannot be Overlooked
Quantum Suspension / F: Swift Springs (10kg) R: Bozz Springs (7kg) / F: Brembo F50 Calipers + Rotors R: Brembo Lotus Calipers + Rotors / Stainless Steel Hoses / PFC Pads / Line Lock

Rear Suspension

Front Suspension
The vehicle was converted from a drag machine to a street spec vehicle. The Quantum suspension is combined with front 10kg and rear 7kg springs.
Reupholstered Interior Trim / Water Print Center Panel / Victor Steering Wheel / Recaro SP-G / Apex Tachometer, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Boost / Blitz A/F Gauge / 5 Point Roll Bar / Floor Mats
The giant tachometer and the boost gauge sit next to the A pillar in the driver’s side. The water and oil temp gauges are lined up in front of the passenger seat. The LED switch also was planted here, and the water print center panel was coordinated with the overall look.
The Recaro SP-G seats were chosen to hold and support the people in the car. The center console was matched with the same material of the seats. The 5 point roll bar can be seen on the rear of the vehicle.
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Full Exterior Paint Job / Ab Flug Front Bumper, Side Skirts / Border Hood / Neon Lights / LED / Tri Force Zelda Magnum (F: 8J+32 R: 9J+38) / F: Dunlop D01J (235/40-18) R: Potenza RE540S (265/35-18)
The rims are from Trial, called the Tri Force Zelda Magnum. The fronts are 8J+32, and the rears are 9J+38. Dunlop D01J 235/40-18 on the fronts and Potenza RE540S 265/35-18 on the rears.
20mm of each side were widened. This was to house the positive camber on the rear wheels, a technique used by many drag race shops.
Border makes this vented hood, and the four ducts releases the trapped hot air from the engine bay. This is a big plus for the Z32 since this engine demands more cooling.
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