The key word for this concept is Modern.  The unique styling of this machine will surely catch the world's attention!!
Produced by TAMON DESIGN
The newest masterpiece from Tamon Design.
There are only few body kit designers in the world who aim to create a tuning car that applies to the whole world. Mr. Shouji at Tamon Design actually accomplished that goal by designing and completing this TDC-057 project.
The concept of this vehicle was a modern racing machine. This theme presented one man's desire of bringing the tuning car status to the next level by lining it up to that of a super car.
A FD3S was chosen as a base vehicle for this project. The Mazda RX-7 already had a superior design and shape, and the rotary engine holds a great potential for modifications.
One of the objectives was to create a wide and edgy body. The use of a modified Y34 tail lights was one of these ways to provide that specific appearance. A chop top was employed to emphasize the lowered stance and the open roof was installed to exhibit the lightness of the car.
Due to its open roof it may not be obvious, but the windshield had been cut to lower the height by 7.5cm. This lowered height accentuates the widened body even more.
On top of that, the comfortable status of this ride was increased by the installation of a car audio system with a full GPS navigation system.
The interior was boasted luxuriously with fully functional carbon fiber and leather components. The interior is only half way completed at this point and Shouji still desires to modify the seats with leather fabric in the near future.
The color that highlights the exterior was completed by use of the special "EkiShow" paint. It utilized a golden jade paint on top of the orange base.
This complicated style cannot be produced as a kit, but it is possible to arrange a full body kit based on this project by bringing your vehicle to Tamon Design.
It would probably be a great idea to consult with Tamon Design to create a more personal body kit that suits the individual's taste.

The side ported 13B-REW with a T51R installation creates 450+horsepower. A super car like this requires at least a minimum tuning level of 450 horses.
The parts installed is as follows: Quantam Suspension, AP brakes, and Rays CE28 wheels in Titanium Silver. These arts were carefully selected to maintain a comfortable ride even on freeways.
The hood was designed relative to the horizontally mounted intercooler. The hood was designed to be lower than the stock height to bring out the low and wide appearance.
Y34 Gloria Taillights had been in the designer's mind ever since his first encounter with them. Back then, he was brainstorming the idea of customizing the body using parts off a Gloria as a base vehicle. The use of Gloria taillights definitely accentuated the sharp appearance of this vehicle.
This 150mm wider body presents itself as if it's something larger. It's possible to create an identical body style once again but might be difficult to release a body kit for the market. Consultation with Tamon Design will be necessary if anybody wishes to obtain this body style.

The materials for interior were carefully chosen; a carbon fiber dashboard, leather speaker mounts. Panasonic's Strada F995 was used as an car stereo system base, and a 5.1 channel system was integrated within. The stock seats that remained in this vehicle is not suitable for racing.The ultimate goal is to gradually increase the interior quality by changing the seat material as a start.
Bold yet slim, the impact on appearance was the key.
"My goal was to get to the same level as Ama-san (RE Amemiya) in constructing a car, so I poured my heart and soul in the design. I want to be a custom builder who can shock every car-lover in the world with my design. Please come by and check my car out at the A&V Festa exhibition at the Pacifico Yokohama in September."

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