The Tuner From Western Japan Attempts to
Build the Best S15!!
A Well Built FR Machine Casts a Spell on the Driver
Sequential is a successful tuning shop based in the Kansai area of Japan. Although they work on a variety of vehicles, they are mainly known for building spectacular Silvias.
Sequential decided to start focusing on Silvias because of the vehicle' s capability of making people enjoy driving. Also there are plenty of shops nationwide which caters to these cars, enabling the vehicle to reach higher standards of tuning.
Because of that, Sequential chose the Silvia to represent their shop and to further increase the potential of this machine. Their second version Silvia was constructed based on the knowledge gained from their past builds, aiming to be the best Silvia shop of the entire country.
Due to running the shop and building their demo car at the same time, it took Sequential over 2 years to build the Silvia. The engine, chassis, suspension, and all the parts were carefully chosen without compromising quality and craftsmanship.
By using their experiences from the Super Taikyu races, the data gained from that had been poured into this machine.
The result of their hard work paid off when the vehicle clocked in at 1 min 36 sec at the Okayama Circuit. The machine had not even been dialed in yet. The shop's future plans include perfecting each portion of the machine as well as setting record times at various courses across the nation.
Aside from their demo car this year, Sequential is planning to be involved in providing maintenance services for the GT races. This lively shop is likely going to be in the spotlight of the industry.
Combined with Toda racing components and a HKS GT3037S turbine, the 2.2 liter engine produces over 600 horses. The engine is capable of spinning to its peak revolutions at 8500 rpms with IN / EX 272 camshafts. This setup has been on their demo car since last year, and yields as a great endurance and circuit setup.
The custom suspension setup was based off of components from Endless. The brakes were upgraded to keep up with the engine power to 324mm rotors. Other upgrades include brake cooling, pillow ball, and sway bars. The vehicle aims to be one of Japan' s best.
The body kit was designed with both streetable and a GT inspired look. The kit definitely provides plenty of downforce along with plenty of grip because of the wide body stance. Cooling ducts direct cool air to the wheel wells and the brakes. A new front bumper is planned to be released; a version that flows well with a stock Silvia body.
The battery was moved to the center of the chassis, and only the necessary gauges such as the Stack unit were left. The chassis had been fully stitch welded along with a full roll cage to meet the standards of a high speed race track. The vehicle currently weights 1100 kg.
We Poured Our Past Knowledge into this Demo Car!
"This is our 2nd S15 demo car which we' ve spent a long time constructing. Although the machine is not fully complete, we are aiming to be Japan' s number one Silvia. This year we are also planning to expand our name by involving ourselves in the Super GT races. We strive to develop products that satisfy the needs of the industry.

Mechanic: Mr. Fukuda / Front: Mr. Murota
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