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3 Rotor + Huge Single Turbo = 300km/h
 Wangan Cruising Beast
Exclusively premiered in the US at the Pre-Tokyo Auto Salon!
This RE Amemiya Super Greddy 7 RE20B was built for the annual Tokyo Auto Salon. This exquisite machine is packed with RE Amemiya's tuning knowledge and is setup for the street.
The intent of the vehicle is of course, running the Wangan highway. The machine was designed to easily reach high speeds and provide unmatched stability at 300km/h. This makes 300km/h seem like leisurely cruise.
The three rotor 20B engine was removed from a Mazda Cosmo. It is fairly easy for RE Amemiya to build a 300km/h engine, and it can be done with a 13B. Then why choose a 20B? The 13B is notoriously known to have a short life span, especially after it has been modified. Also, it lacks the low end torque, and it does not hold the power to leisurely reach, and cruise at 300km/h like the 20B.
Therefore, the 20B was chosen, and the low end torque demise was solved. But even though it's a rotary engine, doesn't mean that it is a easy swap. The weight distribution of the well balanced FD becomes thrown off. The 20B had to be offset 10cm to the rear and 6cm to the front in reference to the 13B. Also, the body, subframe, and the propeller shaft all need fabrication.
The exterior was dressed up with the RE Amemiya 2006 model Aero kit. It consists of a Porsche 997 front headlights, and the rotary themed rear bumper. The sides consist of super wide fenders to accentuate the whole look.
The vehicle was completed just in time for the first ever Pre Tokyo Auto Salon event held in the United States. The vehicle then will be shipped off in time for the real 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon event in Tokyo.

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To properly distribute the weight of the engine, the 20B was moved 6cm forward, and 10cm back in reference to the 13B. The motor was side ported, and a TD08-34D was mated for a total output of 650 horsepower. The V mounted Trust intercooler provides cool air while a Motec engine management system regulates the entire setup.
The intercooler was V-mounted in the front, before the radiator. Since the rotary engines run very hot, the cooling system is an essential modification. The air conditioning is still intact for daily use of the machine.
The rear was themed with emphasis on the rotary engine, and a triangle exhaust outlet was formed on the rear bumper. RE Amemiya also provides a version with reverse lights and a one that enables use of th stock muffler system.
The RE Amemiya custom suspension setup was engineered off of Quantum units. The ride height passes Japanese vehicle inspection and also is suited for high speed runs. A trust 6 pot braking system was installed as well as strengthened sway bars and arms.
The Enkei RP F-1 wheels match the look of the vehicle perfectly. The front is 9.5J and the rear is a 10J, with F: 245/40-18, R: 265/35-18 Advan tires. These street radials can handle a 300km/h blast like a charm.

The interior was coordinated with the external look. A Trust e-01 and necessary gauges grace the interior spacing. The interior was kept graceful, and avoids the look of a race car. Since the airbag was decided to still be intact, the steering wheel was modified with matching colors.
The body kit is spilt up into 2 parts, the front and the rear. The 2006 front body kit is off of a Porsche 997 model headlights and turn signals off of a Mini Cooper. The rear spoiler was designed to match the rear under diffuser.

Displaying to the world the Japanese tuned vehicles!!
"This machine is fitted with a Cosmo engine instead of the 13B to gain more low end torque. This torquey engine can keep up with the large displacement reciprocated engines on the Wangan and the streets. Since rotaries generally have high back pressure, large sized turbos can be spun easily from low rpm levels. Th most enjoyable factor is the high speed cruising. We are going to premiere this vehicle to the world concurrently with the D1 Grand Prix Event in the United States!"

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