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V12 Supra[JZA80]
The sleek and modern exterior combined with a twin turbo V12 powerplant makes its bold presence at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon. The “V12 Supra” built by the Supra aficionado Smoky Nagata had created another masterpiece.
A new challenger to the world of highway top speed
  “Although Mr. Daijiro Inada had retired from his top speed endeavors, I still intend to keep on going. That's why I had built this car” Stated Smoky Nagata of Top Secret.
  “The reason why I emphasize my tuning and modifications on the Supra is simple; this platform has a lot of meaning to me. It's the only platform that I trust with my life at high velocities.”
  The main objective of Smoky's newest machine is to break Daijiro's record of 346 km/h set in the Veilside GT-R, and Smoky's own record of 341 km/h set on July of 2005 in the V35GT-R RX-1. Going past these two spectacular records means that he will need help from a trustworthy and powerful machine. This led to the production of the “Top Secret V12 Supra”.
  The V12 Supra was built not for a single pass, but to bring Smoky's dreams and ambitions to life. The gold super tuned machine holds the power if its creator will live or die during the high speed feat.
  The straight 6 2JZ engine was yanked out because it just wasn't enough to what the objective and the conditions were demanding, so the 1GZFE was swapped in its place. This engine comes from a Toyota Century, a 5 liter V12 Toyota produced engine. A semi dry sump and twin turbos were incorporated to the setup. Currently, the engine internals remain stock but the twin GT-RS turbines pump out 650 horsepower at low boost.
  Now comes the tricky aspect of this setup; the engine management system. The fly-by wire was eliminated and discarded for a twin N15 Nissan Pulsar throttle bodies which is a traditional wire type throttle system. Two F-Con Vpro units were wired in to work in harmony as a “twin standalone computer system”, each controlling 6 cylinders.
  Although the stock computer system was ditched out, Smoky went even further as to have a working air conditioning and power steering system still intact in the vehicle. A lot of the knowledge in building this beast came from the experiences gained from the V35 GT-R. It really didn't matter that this new creation was a Toyota, or a V12 setup, knowledge is knowledge.
  “I understand that the 2JZ has plenty of potential to pull it off however I wanted to try a V12 setup.” Says Smoky.
  The single most downside to all this is that there are no aftermarket tuning parts available for the 1GZ engine. So in order to succeed in this feat is to overcome a lot of obstacles that is widely recognized by the industry. But this is the path that Smoky had chosen, not for the industry but for himself.
The current power output is still not official. Smoky is shooting for over the 800 mark. The rev limit was increased to 7000rpm; and custom components are planned to be installed in the near future. A Getrag 6 speed transmission was also installed. A 35 liter fuel cell with an aluminum shield was fabricated inside the rear gate. The piece on the right side is the collector tank.
In order to lessen the engine load, a custom oil pan was fabricated and the stock oil pump was tossed out. A high power Ogura Clutch oil pump was installed, oil lines were re lined for a semi-dry pump system.
An Aragosta suspension was used as a base when creating the Top Secret original “Super Damper”. The switches in the cockpit controls the Roberta Cup vehicle ride height system for all 4 wheels. The suspension arms remain stock however a full set of Ikeya Formula units are planned to be installed. An 8 pot Greddy brake system (380mm rotor) for the front, and a 4 pot (330mm rotor) were installed to supply the demand for stopping power.
The 19 inch Volk Racing GTF was painted Top Secret gold to match the exterior. Potenza RE050 285/40-19 rear tires put the high gear monster firmly on grip with the ground.
The Vpro and AF700 units were placed on the passenger side of the cockpit. The Vpro on the left controls fuel and ignition timing, and the right unit controls the rest. The twin system is linked together to work concurrently. The interior remains fairly simple except for the main gauges and the Defi Super Sports Cluster. Power steering and the air conditioning systems are still in working order, and a HDD GPS navigation and ETC (toll road) passes are installed to indicate street use.
Since the V12 engine is significant heavy, the 3 row radiator required to be moved to the rear.sz Ducts were installed to direct cool air to the rear mounted radiator, accompanied by electric fans to further draw in air. This entire system was designed to provide air without any delay.
A Top Secret original body kit covers the chassis to gibe it that modern and sleek look. There are already many purchase orders for this kit from all over the world. The rear tail lights are LEDs, which are also an original item.  
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