HKSís 2nd version with an entirely revamped chassis and suspension! 
HKS Racing Performer IS220-Z
After HKS had completed their S15 drift machine, they decided to take on a new project in 2004. The Toyota Altezza was decided upon as the new base machine and it entered in such races as the D1 Grand Prix series with successful results. HKS had proved to the industry that the Altezza can move just as good as or even better than the Nissan with continuous improvements after each race. The 2nd version of the HKS Altezza, labeled the IS220-Z, was premiered this year in 2006. The machine is currently in its shakedown stage but we got the inside scoop on this hot vehicle!
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Like their first Altezza, the firewall had been modified to offset the engine towards the rear of the vehicle. The displacement of the 3S-GT was bumped up to 2140cc thanks to HKS's 2.2 liter kit. A peak horsepower of 560 was produced with a GT3037S turbine clamped to a carbon fiber intake piping. One weakpoint of their first Altezza was the chassis rigidity. This time, they gave no mercy as they strengthened the entire rear and trunk space of the vehicle, cutting out unnecessary metal body panels while at it. The custom roll cage keeps the entire vehicle nice and stiff.
The entire stock interior panels had been removed only to be replaced with carbon fiber paneling on the dashboard and the doors. A tilting hub for the steering wheel was used to make it easier for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle. The black lever near the shifter is the emergency brake. The huge duct that is present on the rear bumper was constructed so that the smoke from the tires can easily exit during those hard drifts. It also enables them to be able to easily check the tire tread. This type of look may catch on in the drifting industry.
Learning from their first machine that the Altezza's suspension geometry makes it very difficult to drift, the entire suspension was modified. Twin rear brake calipers were installed along with foot and hand brakes to control the deceleration. Identical to their first machine, an HKS 5 speed sequential transmission for an SR20 was installed. The firewall and the transmission tunnel had to be greatly redesigned in order to make this gearbox work. The floor was modified to lower the center of gravity, so now the muffler fits flush with the main subframe.
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