Long awaited turbo is released
for the Impreza owners.
The test vehicle was HKS Hokkaido Service's demo car mated to our GT2530KAI turbine.  An intercooler, catalytic converter, and a F-con SZ were on the vehicle.  HKS allows a test drive to any prospective customers upon request!
MSRP:  GT2530kai/GT2835 No MSRP available, coming soon
Applicable models:  GDB Applied C/D/E
*still confirming on Applied F application.
The GDB Impreza exemplifies a high level of performance even in its stock form. But it's considered a troublesome tuning base to further upgrade the motor from what it already is. Also the stock turbine output starts to fade from the mid to high rpm range, resulting in insufficiency of power. The remedy to this problem is a larger bolt on turbo!
Peak torque at all times by raising the mid-high RPM range!
HKS had prepared the GT-RS turbine applicable for the GDB and A B chassis, but still not for the GDC. The reason behind this is not because they are lazy, but because they are developing an equal length manifold based on the GDC design. Let us introduce the bolt on turbo kit series for the Impreza. The kit will be applicable for the C/D/E chassis, with the GT2530KAI for response and GT2835 for peak power. Both these units include an actuator type wastegate and the GT2530KAI turbine can be used with the stock fuel system good for 350~360 horsepower. The GT2835 can push 380~390 horses with the use of a fuel pressure regulator. The turbines are designed so that the power increases from the low to high range smoothly with the peak torque aimed at 4000 rpms. The powerband stays right in its place even during when dropping rpms during shifting. The ride in HKS's demo car outfitted with the GT2530KAI was astounding. The vehicle was unstoppable after 2000 rpms all the way to the top end. With these new turbos out on the market, the tuning approach for the Impreza will become more exciting.
GT2530kai's merit is the ability to function without any fuel system upgrades. The GT2835 is more suited for engines with increased displacement. These will be released in August,2005 and the price ranges from 200,000yen to 300,000yen. The GDC (tear eye) model had a equal length manifold and the GDB and the GDA models (round lights) did not. HKS engineered the exhaust housing with this in mind, for a complete bolt on feature.
Differences in turbo characteristics
Comparing the dyno chart, the mid to high range torque band had shifted up significantly. The stock turbo only provides torque only after the throttle is pressed, dying down in the high end. Compared to this, the GT turbine provides torque throughout from 3500 rpms. Even during shifting, the powerband is maintained providing acceleration all the way to the high rpm range.
The bolt on turbo kit is compatible with existing intercoolers and piping. HKS recommends the use of their metal catalytic converter to fight the exhaust resistance after the turbine exhaust housing in the GDBs.
A new turbo kit for the Copen!
The details on the Daihatsu Copen turbo kit are finally available. The prototype kit for a manual transmission is expected to be in the 400,000 yen price. Included in this kit are the IHI RHF3 turbine, exhaust manifold, and a high flow catalytic converter. HKS had pushed out 130 horsepower at 1.3 bar of boost with this setup! (Double the power of the factory output!) This product will be limited to 20 sets only!
The intercooler and the piping kit were also released along with the turbine kit. A fuel pressure regulator and other fuel system components may be necessary if the power exceeds 100hp.
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