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Privacy Policy for Dee's CLUB Co. Ltd

Customer Info
Dee's Club Co. Ltd (Dee's Club) gains customer info from and utilizes for the following:
  1. Sales transactions of Dee's Club products
  2. Emails directed to Dee's Club
  3. General information inquiries in regards to Dee's Club and its associations
  4. Development of new products and services according to user consensus

Customer Info Disclosure
Dee's Club makes every effort to protect any private information from leaks, damages, or loss from the database. On the basis of the closure of the database, information contained shall fully be terminated.

Third Party
When any info regarding the user is required to be released to a third party, Dee's Club shall contact the client and receive authorization to do so from the user.

Changes in personal information
Any changes made to personal information will require confirmation from the individual.
Any inquiries and change of personal info should be directed to:

Dee's Club Co. Ltd
1-14-5 Shinkiba, Koto-ku,
Tokyo, 136-0082 Japan
Tel: 03-3522-7858
Fax: 03-3522-7886
D's Club Inc.
2281 W.205th St. Unit#113,
Torrance, CA 90501, U.S.A.
Tel: 310-212-0100
Fax: 310-212-0104
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