Kazuhiro Tanaka - Professional D1 driver
Adapting to certain situations is my specialty
For our 8th installment for our D1 driver's column, we proudly present the Team Orange member Kazuhiro Tanaka. He has been with the D1 series ever since the very first competition, and is widely known as the guy who has switched from his orange S15 Silvia to the GDB Impreza. His teammates Nobushige Kumakubo and Naoto Suenaga all possess some of the most synchronized drifting techniques, with every breath in harmony with each other. Let's hear what Tanaka has to say in regards to his daily life and his ambitions.
Daigo Saito  D1 Professional Driver
The white Mercedes that changed my life
For the 7th installment of our D1 driver's column, we would like to present Daigo Saito. Since the 3rd round of the 2004 D1 Grand Prix, Daigo has been driving a 4 door sedan which is known not to be a much popular platform for drifting. Although his career is still at a freshman level, his velocity and intensity makes this young contender a promising warrior. Let's have Daigo tell us a few things about himself!
Tsuyoshi Tezuka - D1 Professional Driver 
Rather than set a record, set a lasting impression!
For our 6th installment of the D1 driver's column, we would like to feature Tezuka Tsuyoshi in the bright yellow Bee Racing R32 Skyline. Tezuka has been participating in the D1 series since its start and has been stirring up the scene with his aggressive driving style. Today, we will have him explain to us how he spends his daily life from drifting to the types of food he prefers!
Masato Kawabata - D1 Professional Driver
Chasing a childhood dream!
For our 5th installment of our D1 driver's column, we would like to introduce Tetsuya Hibino who wowed the spectators with his famous jumping drift at the D1 Grand Prix Round 3 in Ebisu. Let's find out why a man who had absolutely no interest in drifting decided to step into this motorsport.
Masato Kawabata - D1 Professional Driver
Chasing a childhood dream!
For our 4th installment of our D1 driver's column we would lime to feature the TRUST S15 driver, Masato Kawabata. Kawabata is known as the drifter who even resorts to going off course in order to create his own unique drifting path. Let's take a closer look into his life as a GP Sports staff member and as a professional racer.
Takahiro Ueno - D1 Professional Driver
Always look ahead and aim for the VERTEX!
The 3rd edition for the D1 driver's column goes to the man who is known as the wealthiest man in the drifting industry, Takahiro Ueno. Representing the aero kit company T&E, he takes pride in competing in the D1 series with his spectacular red TOYOTA SOARER. Let's take a sneak peek into the mind of Mr. Ueno.
Nobushige Kumakubo - D1 Professional Driver
The inquisitive man full of bright ideas!
We decided to hand over the second D1 driver's personal column space to the manager of the Ebisu Circuit, (A.K.A. The holy land of drifting) Nobushige Kumakubo. Let's see how the captain of Team Orange spends his daily life.
Youichi Imamura - D1 Professional Driver
Whether at D1, as a florist, or for his family,
he strives to be the best he can be!
We hit up Youichi Imamura for our next section in our column tab because he is the utmost brightest and ideal professional racer. Let's hear what ORC's newest pilot for their Z33 has to say about life in general.
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