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New computer that
allows continuous change
in valve timing now available!
GReddy V-manage
MSRP: Base 52,500 yen
(all purpose harness
 3,990 ~ 8,190 yen)
Applications: Most Japanese vehicles
(vehicles with valve timing)
A full computer system that allows continuous valve timing alteration has been released by Trust. The unit is very easy to use and is available for a wide variety of vehicle applications. Now a genuinely precise valve timing setting can be achieved with this unit.
Easy to use for a wide variety of vehicle applications
  This continuous valve timing system allows full control of the intake and exhaust settings all the way from the low to high RPM band. The V-Manage fully enables to fully set the desired parameters on vehicles equipped with the valve timing feature.
  The factory set parameters are programmed in a sense to limit the amount of fuel that enters the engine, and how much gas exits the chambers with pollution and smog as their most primary concern. Producing power is not their main objective, and the secret lies in how to release this hidden power which is to alter the valve timing settings.
  The V-Manage is an independent standalone unit, which works off the signals from the stock ECU to the custom valve timing settings that the enthusiast desires.
  The unit can be programmed from any Windows based PC. The various screens exhibited visualizes RPMs, air flow voltage, and throttle position to name a few.
  One alluring feature about this product is that it is available for a wide variety of vehicles. For the Toyotas, any vehicles equipped with VVT-i, VVTL-i, and Dual VVTL-i, For Nissans CVTS, Mitsubishi MIVEC, Honda i-VTEC, and Subaru AVCS. Cars that come equipped with continuous valve timing feature are able to use this product.
  Currently, Trust is working on a direct plug and play harness for many applications. Now, the unit can be simply plugged in and tuned to the ideal valve timing settings.
  There are several valve timing controllers available on the market today however they were only available for certain applications. With usage on a wide variety of applications now, it is an essential tool in vehicle tuning.
  Today, we installed the V-Manage on an Lancer Evo IX as a test can, and tested the results.
The blue line represents the signal from the stock ECU, and the green represents the V-Manage. The data can be set while comparing the two pieces of information. The values can be displayed in a different way as well.
Displayed here are the main switches to the unit. There are 4 available channels to work with and on the Nissan V series engines, VVTL-i, and VTEC, the high profile camshaft switchover point can be changed. With the simple flip of a switch, the entire settings can be set back to stock.
Valve timing setting RESULTS!!
Increased mid-range power + torque!
(Pink)  Final power output
(Orange) Before power setting
(Blue) Final torque output
(Green) Before torque setting
Our test vehicle the Lancer Evolution IX already cam equipped with the eManage Ultimate and a simple boost increase. According to the graph after the V-Manage was installed, the stock mid-range torque (green) and power (orange) had increased to the new lines present on the graph (pink & blue). It's evident that at the mid range, the valve timing was set to retard a bit on the stock settings to save fuel and minimize polluting exhaust gases. By setting the correct variables from this region without overlapping, more power and torque was able to be extracted.
The V-Manage is a specially designed valve timing controller that can be enjoyed by many enthusiasts. We are currently working on a package that comes equipped with a custom vehicle harness, and a preprogrammed base map data. We are planning to sell this as a set in the near future starting from the GDB, CT9A, DC5, and EP3. Please check our this product on our newly refinished website for more details!

TRUST V-Manage R&D Team
Mr. Uchida
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