D-MAX D1 SPEC HOOD From OPTION2 [July, 2006]
Sustaining 75 degrees 
F fighting the heat!!
FRP   52,290 yen
Carbon  73,290 yen
FR Sportscars
The sole purpose for putting ducts on hoods is not to lower the water and oil temperatures, but to prevent heat from building up inside the engine bay. This keeps the sensors in proper working order as well as maintaining the other components from heat related wear. D-MAX had come up with a D1 spec hood that performs just as well as it looks.
Fight the heat before it even gets hot!
 It's here, D-MAX's new version of their line of hoods but what's so special about this one is that this one comes with ducts. Everyone knows that the ducts serve as an air passageway for when the vehicle is in motion, keeping the water and oil temperatures down. The hood also minimizes the discomforting sensation of when the front of the vehicle starts rising. Another reason to use this hood is that it keeps the sensors in good working order.
 It serves as great benefit to the vehicle not to mention the visual enhancement it provides for the vehicle.
 What's so special about this vented hood is that unlike conventional hood ducts, the D-MAX D1 hood directs hot air out of the engine bay from the front area of the radiator and from the rear of the engine bay as well. The carbon fiber structure is built tough with hood latches for those who want to avoid the hood pin look.
 The hood has been installed in numerous D1 spec cars. We compared the two popular hoods; the D1 hood and a non vented hood after a hard drifting session at the track.
The rear duct makes this design super efficient along with the three rows of fins. During motion, these fins provide an uplift of air forcing it to escape through. It literally sucks out the hot air present inside the engine bay.

Compare the engine temps!
By placing a temperature sensor on the very rear of the hood, we took the vehicle around for 5 laps at Motorland Suzuka. We gathered the data present on the gauge while in motion. The outside temperature was 24.8 C (76.6 F) and rain. Unfortunately because of the wet conditions, we were unable to full throttle the vehicle.
D1 Hood
43.9 degrees C 
(111 deg F) Normal Hood
67.9 degrees C 
(154 deg F)
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