It displays the various conditions of the vehicle.
It's like being in a real race car!
Applicaiton models:
Additional gauges added on to the vehicle serves as an informant of the current vehicle condition. But too many gauges will cause confusion and clutter the cockpit. The solution to this is to replace all the gauges with one unit. This all-in-one meter is a proud product of DSSC, displaying various information with a built-in data logger function.
Data logger will allow drivers to inspect the information after a run.
The EL display makes it easy to read!
Defi's DSSC Kit includes 2 temperature sensors, one pressure sensor, and a turbo pressure sensor. A maximum of 13 different types of information can be displayed by purchasing additional sensors. The installation is no different from hooking up any other gauges. The wiring job is made easy by having a pre-made Defi wiring harness which collects all the wires into one unit for easy plug and play. For existing Defi Link Meter users, the installation time is cut down, for the same sensors can be used on this new product. Replacing the whole stock gage cluster with DSSC is possible too, because of its functional blinkers and odometer. The bright EL Display inside the meter panel is one of the best features. This display is very visible from any angle and it also clearly displays small letters. This is the most visible and organized gauge clusters on the market.With the remote control, simple and quick operations can be managed. The buttons on the remote controllers were carefully designed so that the driver can operate even while wearing gloves. The DSSC also has a real time data logging function. A SD card can be inserted to an attached control unit to maintain various data. That data can be read by any home computer to display detailed information to inspect the machine performance.
This is the display screen. What and where to display the data can be set according to individuals' needs and preference. The tachometer lights up red and a warning light in the center will turn on when the peak data is displayed. The peak data for each category can be displayed.
Unlike the previous Defi Link Meter, there are no buttons on the unit itself since everything is remote controlled. The SD card can be inserted for data logging purposes. The buttons on remote control was designed so drivers can easily operate it even with racing gloves. The center of the circle button is dented, and other buttons remain higher than the controller surface so the driver can operate it without glancing at it.
The P-LAP2 adaptor is also included in the kit. The additional display of maximum speed, lap count and best lap time can be shown with use of the P-LAP2. The data logger screen hat can be displayed with a PC software was released. Various ways of displaying the information other than the line graph will be available upon release of this software. It won’t be included in the kit, but will be released as a set with the G sensor and logger software at the price of 30,000yen (about $330.00).
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