A state of the art polished version designed for larger air releasing capacity!!
MSRP: 19,950yen
27,825yen for a kit including adaptor
Applicable models:
JZX90/ JZX80/ JZA70/ JZZ30/ BCNR33/ BNR32/ ECT33/ HCR32/ ER34/ S15/ S14/ CT9A/ GDB/ GC8/ etc
A blow off valve functions as a release valve for excess air created by the turbo charger when releasing the throttle. Trust has always been constructing parts based fully on their functionality. But this product was released with a great polished look and also an air return line to prevent stalling of the engine.
Enjoy the crisp sound of the air release while protecting the engine
A blow off valve became popular about a decade ago because of the unique sound the air release created in conjunction with a turbine when the gas pedal is released. Despite the decrease in its popularity in the recent years, these components are making a comeback. Trust caught onto this trend quick and constructed a valve with a larger air release capacity that they had never had before. The plain look of just a metal blow off valve was enhanced with a gorgeous polished surface. The inner structure had been redesigned to discharge a more powerful sound at the aluminum funnel tip. For those who want a quieter blow off valve, this unit comes with a separate air recirculation to muffle the discharged sound. The mounting flange has always remained the same with Trust's old units so the valves can be swapped out at any time.
The 8 holes present on the funnel serves as an amplifier for the compressed air coming out of the mouth. The secret to producing that crisp, distinct sound is here. A Belophragm method was adopted, where the piston is pulled inside this diaphragm. This is the secret behind keeping a large capacity within a small compact body. It is also effective in moving the valve immediately. Dual spring is used for its strength and for quick closing of the valve.
A new feature was incorporated where the valve seating is also rubber. Trust has accomplished a high quality unit with a hard valve and rubber seating. An air recirculation kit is available. This can also be mocked up at home by using hoses and clamps. 4 sizes of 19Ø,29Ø,32Ø,34Ø are available.
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