A gauge that is disguised as a mirror
at the flip of a switch!
MSRP: 18,690yen
(mechanical meter: Boost, vacuum)
(boost, oil temp, water temp, oil pressure, exhaust temp)
A gauge with a new visual look!
The innovative new Blitz Mirror Drive Meter was constructed with the concept of high performance quality in mind. This product has a mirror face while the ignition is off but the LEDs light up when the unit is turned on. The concept is simple, but engineering this unit was very time consuming; adjusting the balance of light penetration through the mirror and such. More than 20 prototypes were created before the release of the finished product. The final version consisted of 10 LED bulbs instead of the initial 3, to properly light up the gauge increasing the visibility. A small needle was used in between the glass and the surface to create a bigger letter display. The boost and the vacuum gauges are available in a mechanical unit at a reasonable price. There is also a full line up of electronic gauges. The focus on the overall design is very important these days since the enthusiasts like to dress up their vehicles in many flashy ways.
This gauge has a warning lamp included. Once the needle passes the set warning mark, an LED bulb lights up. The peak and hold function indicates the highest number that was produced with the gauge. The 2 buttons on the bezel enable easy adjustment. When the switch is off, the gauge remains a mirror. The LED lights up the carbon gauge face once power is applied to the unit. The aluminum construction provides a cool look for the interior of the vehicle.
It may not be the thinnest gauge out there, but it is still smaller than some of its competitors. When compared to the regular Blitz gauge the Racing Meter AC/BLM, the mirror unit is 12m thinner at 44mm.
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