HONDA S2000 
Experiencing the pure driving 
thrill of a FR Sportscar!
The S2000s that are tearing up the Kansai region of Japan are all put to the test for a full street report! Unlike the Kanto region S2000s, these Hondas in the Kansai are built with more emphasis on pure track performance. These 5 wide-bodied and lightweight sports machine are tested by our very own resident GT driver, "Shark" Iiri!
Producing amazing lap times at the track, 
this S2000 is tuned J's Racing style!
Tuned adjacent to the VGS capabilities of the vehicle, 
40 hp was extracted from basic bolt-ons and ECU tuning!
The car excels in all three categories, turning, stopping, and accelerating
 The top batter of the Kansai region S2000s is a machine built by a shop that emphasizes on Honda tuning, J's Racing. With only the use of their very own products, the vehicle was fully tuned all around.
 The engine is basically just modified with basic intake/exhaust bolt-ons, and ECU tuning. This may seem relatively simple, however many hours of researching and development had been poured into this straightforward setup. After many prototype designs of the exhaust manifold, the perfect figure was produced; enabling the 2 liter engine's midrange torque feel like the one that of a 2.2 liter. Even an amateur driver can tell the vast difference once they are put behind the wheel. To match the flow characteristics of the manifold, the VTEC engagement point was altered from 5850 to 5400 rpms. By doing this, the torque drop is eliminated when the engine's low rpm cam lobe is switched over to the high rpm lobe.
 J's Racing also carefully set and tuned the suspension according to the S2k's innovative VGS system. The VGS (variable gear ratio steering) system is widely known by many to have adverse effects on the machine when performing low to mid speed turns. To battle these negative effects, J's Racing first decided to swap in stiffer sway bars. They also looked into as stiffening the front end to prevent roll and to soften the rear to promote roll characteristics. Furthermore, the rebound rates of the rear shocks were softened to increase the grip on the inside portion of the tire tread with the help of the LSD setting at 6 kg.
 The boys at J's Racing worked on stabilizing the rear end of their machine to improve the relationship between the steering/acceleration characteristics and the tires that hug the road.

The body kit is a J's Racing original, the Type S Carbon Full Aero, which sold over 300 sets in Japan. The design emphasizes on the Carbon fiber hood that promotes engine cooling and the 3D GT wing that produces massive downforce.
Normally, the oil in the differential can range as high as 220 degrees, but with the oil cooler the fluid is kept at a cool 120~140 degrees even during hard driving at the track. The cooler benefits in fewer differential oil changes, as well as protecting the LSD from failures. The bolt-on modifications consist of the J's Racing Tsuchinoko chamber air intake, SPL exhaust manifold, and titanium exhaust system. The rev limit was raised from 9000 to 9200rpms, producing 258hp & 176ft/lbs of torque.
J's Racing custom shocks are based off the Crux Unit. The 20kg/mm springs rates are normally used but for the streets, 16kg/mm are swapped in. SPL aluminum pillow upper mounts and L2 camber joints, and pillow tie rod ends were also installed.
Everything is based upon balanced tuning
J's Racing
Mr. Umemoto
"A vehicle that has been fully tuned to rip up the streets most definitely has the capability to pull off some great results at the track. That concept is what we based our S2000 off of. At the Central Circuit, it trapped in at 1 min 27 sec and 2 min 26 sec at Suzuka too!"
Shark Iiri's Check
The finest point of the car is that the modifications enable the machine to be very agile!
 On stock S2000s, the VGS system is setup to allow a sporty handling feel of the overall suspension system. However, some enthusiasts may consider the system to be too sensitive and may prefer to disable the unit. Personally, I'd prefer the machine not to have the VGS engaged but the J's Racing S2K's suspension is arranged so well that it never comes close to hindering the machine's performance but only enhances it. The turning capabilities are very stable and the shocks strokes and rebounds flawlessly.

 We also replaced the brake pads and there are no problems with braking and the stopping controls. Since the suspension and the brakes are chosen and setup intelligently, all the engine requires is basic bolt-ons and ECU tuning. I feel as though every S2000 should have at least these kinds of modifications to fully enjoy the performance. Basically, the J's Racing S2000 was built on emphasis on the sporty aspects of the overall vehicle engineering.

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The body and the suspension built off 
the feedback data from actual racing research! 
Wide-bodied not only to enhance looks, 
but to cater to its lightning quick character!
The base has been developed, anticipate more changes in the future!
 Tracy Sports's S2000 can be labeled the most strongest and fit candidate for the overall street performer category.
 Nevertheless, this machine will still outrun many of its competitors in the circuit time attacks. First off, the chassis had been reinforced for rigidity as well as the suspension, and the body was fitted with the shop's original wide body kit.
 This body kit enables 40mm more tread in the front, and 50mm in the rear to improve the cornering speed of the machine. Other benefits include the ability to use 265 tires to be fitted onto wider rims. The aero kit also extends the overall length of the vehicle by 100mm, for aerodynamic purposes and to further enhance the sexy styling of the S2000.
 Tracy Sports didn't stop there, they also installed a through dash type 10 point roll cage as well as strengthen the weakest point of the S2000, which is the upper front arm and the member. Although the driveshaft, suspension, and brakes have been fully upgraded; its unfortunate their 2.3 liter engine failed to make it to this testing in time. The 2 liter engine was used to match the spectacular chassis setup.
 The machine was built based off the data from their racing experiences, so no fine details had been overlooked.

The Type GT wide body kit is priced at 480,000 yen (minus the GT wing). Although the kit still requires the authorization of the Japanese vehicle standards to be driven out on the streets, the styling is stunning without a doubt.
The engine is the key to its quickness in the circuits, and the wide body kit turns many heads out on the streets too. The interior is equipped with an original carbon fiber dash kit to give it much more appeal. The engine is a temporary unit but still an oversized throttle body kit was installed for the testing. By looking inside the engine bay, the main eye catcher is the strengthening of the firewall and the strut points.
16kg/mm Tein Super Racing springs were used front and back. 6 pot brakes for the front, and stock calipers for the rear were equipped with upgraded brake pads. While the S2000s does not really require having little or less body strengthening modifications, this machine was made super stiff. This was done because of the feedback they had received from all their research in racing.
Once the engine is completed,
the machine can be taken further!
Tracy Sports
Mr. Yamamoto
"The machine currently is equipped with the temporary 2.0 liter engine, but if we had our 2.3 liter in there we would have participated in the circuit time attack. Our goal was not only to build a race car, but a car that would perform just as good out on the streets. We will be back with an all-mighty S2000 in the near future."
Shark Iiri's Check
The chassis definitely feels the firmness of the handling!
 This vehicle is very easy to ride because of the stiff chassis and the reinforced engine bay. The wide stance of the vehicle is well matched with this setup. The steering response is not hindered, and is up to rhythm with the rest of the car.
 Since the chassis is built really well, the suspension moves very freely even with the big 19 inch wheels on this machine.

 Because of the great chassis, the suspension can be stiffened up even more and everything should perform just fine.
 Although the engine performs fine, I'd like it if there was more power since the suspension is built tough. We'll see what happens when the install their 2.3 liter engine in the near future.
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The 2.4 liter F20C pushes over 280 horses
The objective was to build a S2000 
that was enjoyable to drive out on the streets!
Sportscars are entitled to look great!
 The S2000, equipped with the powerful F20C motor along with the FR configuration, all points to the direction of emphasis on speed. Speed also comes with the great exterior styling on this vehicle which even the older generation enthusiasts can take pleasure in.
 Impact had outfitted their machine with the GT body kit version 01 that holds the capability to stuff front 9J offset +22, rear 10J offset +15 sized rims onto the car. These gigantic GT-R sized rim setup provides improved handling all because of the wider contact with the asphalt. The custom Ohlins suspension gives the vehicle excellent turning abilities, either at the circuit or at a high speed cruising session.
 Impact didn't stop there, they had bumped up the F20C's displacement to 2.4 liters. The throttle body, exhaust manifold, fuel pump, injectors all are custom components engineered by Impact. The machine pulled off a whopping 280 horsepower on the dynamometer even with a slipping clutch. This means at the crankshaft, the naturally aspirated engine makes more than 300 horses.
 Out of all the 5 cars we had covered today, we feel that this machine had received the most tuning time. It's definitely obvious that Impact had targeted the vehicle to perform well on the streets rather than at the race tracks.

The GT Body kit Version 01 includes 20mm wider fenders front, and 25mm in the rear. The front and rear bumpers and sideskirts are all part of the kit itself. The best design aspect of the kit is the cut that rises up the rear wheel arch to the bumper.
The front fender is molded so that the incoming air can smoothly pass along the body. Not only the fender is made for aerodynamic purposes, but to fit bigger and wider rims that can move freely in its place. By stroking the F20C engine 100mm more than stock, the 2.4 liter displacement was achieved. The combustion chamber, ported head assembly, and high lift Toda camshafts were installed, all regulated by a F-Con Vpro.
A custom suspension based off Ohlins products were constructed. The front and rear springs are rated at 11 kg/mm. The front calipers were swapped for monoblock 4 pot Spoon units with GT600 brake pads.
A GT spec machine was
our target objective
Mr. Takarada
"Whether wide body or a 2.4 liter engine, our main goal was to make the S2000 a machine that is easy to ride. The other shops have different theories on how to modify this car, but we fully stand behind our beliefs."
Shark Iiri's Check
The torque from the 2.4 liter powerplant hits you hard as soon as the pedal is depressed!
 I like the fact that the S2000 was built so that even the older generation can enjoy the driving experience. Even at its stock form, the vehicle pressures the driver to be throttle happy, so a slightly modified versions can be real addicting.
 On this particular machine, the suspension keeps up well with normal tires however, with slick racing tires, the suspension simply couldn't keep up. The stroke of the shock ends up being too long, making the tires unable to grip the road at rebound.

 The best combination for the current suspension setup are high grip radial tires. The spring rates need to be stiffened for racing slicks.
 Since the engine displacement was raised to 2.4 liters, the torque is amazing at the VTEC engagement point. This machine had displayed amazing performance, so I feel as though there is plenty more room for improvement left to have more fun with this car.
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This grip fighter tears through 
the tight winding roads with stability
2.2 liters of pure high response tuning!
The key to the stability is in the rear suspension!
 This winding road machine was outfitted with a full Weber Sports body kit accompanied with a GT wing. This S2000 can most often be seen tearing up the mountain roads in the Kansai area of Japan.
 Basically, the engine received a 2.2 liter kit from Factor to bump up the power and torque. The current power output of the engine is 10 horsepower shy of the 300 mark at 290 horses. The increased stroke of the pistons produces more power, with the shifting point being the same as stock at 9000 rpms.
 The stroker kit is priced at 448,000 yen including new pistons/crankshaft/connecting rods. The camshafts remain stock only changes to the valve timing on the exhaust side was performed for an increased torque band.
 After many hours on the winding roads, Auto Studio Crew noticed that the rear was not stable enough for their standards. So they decided to build a custom rear sway bar and suspension member to suit their needs. Because of this modification, the entry and exit of turns were stabilized; maintaining the vehicle's composure at all times.
 However, this car is far from its completed form. The front suspension needs to be re worked to keep up with the rear, and they are planning to go with a different motor setup in the future.

A full body kit from Weber Sports was installed along with a Vortex GT wing. The fenders have been pulled and rolled front and back.
RISE suspension made from titanium springs. 30 different settings for various conditions. The 2.2 liter motor holds up just fine at the 9000rpm shift point. They are also thinking of a 2.0 liter setup that revs as high as 10,000rpms. The air filter is tucked away in the left fender.
12kg/mm springs were installed all around, with A048 (255/40-17) tires to best suit the performance of the machine.
The S2000s are
definitely worth modifying!
Auto Studio Crew
Mr. Itoh
"On these S2000s, it's very important to strengthen the suspension arms. We were planning on changing the suspension but after hearing that it's very easy to control we are very pleased. These cars are so fun because the more you do to it, the more positive results start pouring in."
Shark Iiri's Check
The powerful engine is made as strong as a tank!
 I've seen this car around the windy local mountain roads before. Back then, I thought that this vehicle needed to stabilize the rear a bit more. Having learned that they have reengineered the rear end, I can say that the vehicle today is very easy to control. It's crucial to have a controllable machine especially at the windy mountain roads.
 The setup may still require being set so that the nose points more smoothly into a turn.

 That way the time the steering wheel is turned can be reduced; and the recovery out of the turn is also stabilized.
 As far as the LSD goes, I like the fact that it is set to lock up as late as possible, matching the engine characteristics very well. The torque makes up for the fact that the vehicle was not lightened at all.
 The vehicle sounds spectacular, although a bit too flashy for my taste, they have constructed a very promising machine.
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Tuning the S2000 in the simplistic approach
Fully focused on a tuned suspension 
increased vehicle control characteristics
Modifications that any enthusiast can achieve
 Trial's S2000 outfitted with basic air intake and exhaust bolt on mods are relatively mild considering their past vehicles that they have built. The engine is rated at 255 horsepower, which is more than sufficient to enjoy the best performance of the car.
 Built for the purpose of reliability, Trial’s Honda is tuned for long lasting use during races.
 The high revving F20C engine is protected by the installation of an external oil cooler and a baffle plate to circulate the cooled oil throughout the engine. Along with these components, an oversized radiator was installed as well. Trial had thoroughly gone through the process of protecting the engine from heat related breakdowns. This vehicle is ready for the race tracks even on a hot summer day.
 The suspension is a custom made unit specially constructed from Trial, using Quantum CR units. Providing a wide arrangement of settings for the circuit, this unit can also be used on the streets.
 The rest of the components installed includes Spoon 4 pot calipers on the front and a Safety 21 roll cage to provide safety and stability at the same time. These modifications are far from overdone, but executed in a tasteful manner that gets the job done.

The fenders have been pulled and rolled, and the carbon fiber hood was installed to direct cool air into the engine bay. The simple exterior is perfect for a street driven vehicle.
A 6 point roll cage was installed just so the vehicle can be driven at the race tracks. The soft top fits snugly over the cage along with Recaro GT-II Red Falcon seats. Air intake system and exhaust manifold from Mugen were installed, along with an ARC titanium muffler. The modifications were kept light, along with an oversized radiator to keep the temperature down for added insurance.
The custom suspension was built off of the Quantum CR units, with spring rates F:12 and R:14kg/mm. The shocks can be set for both high speed and low speed.
We hope everyone can experience
the nimble handling of the car
Mr. Kawabata
"We aren't really known to modify Hondas, but on the other hand we have been doing these cars for a while now. This S2000 may not put out spectacular numbers, but it was built for the people to enjoy driving. This time, we were free to choose the suspension so that it can be set to any race track conditions out there."
Shark Iiri's Check
S2000s aren't all about the speed, but the enjoyment of driving it!
 This S2000 wasn't really built to impress everyone but to be able to enjoy the twisty turns of the mountains. Although it can't compare to the bigger displacement S2000s out there, it can zip up an uphill road with ease. This car firmly displays how fun it is to drive these things. However, the tires are too good for this suspension setup and I recommend installing high grip radial tires instead of the slicks. The high grip radials shouldn't grab too much into the turns and would be more controllable. They are the perfect fit with the suspension to enjoy the full S2000 handling.

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