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Exposing the Supra trend in the US! From JDM OPTION [2005.11]
Exposing the Supra trend
in the US!

The invasion of Sin City!!

Why are Supras from all over the United States gathering in the middle of the Nevada Desert?? And in Las Vegas?? This event was a complete mystery to us, called the Supras Invade Las Vegas (SILV). Many beautiful Supras showed up to floss their rides!
Over 300 Supras gathered from all over the nation. Nothing but Supras!!
This event started back in 1997 and began receiving its recognition soon after in 1998. This 4 day happening is considered a large scale event, even in the giant nation of the United States.
Many activities available for the enthusiasts such as the scenic drive which dozens of Supras all cruise together at the Red Rock Canyon. Other activities included the dyno challenge which was a challenge of measuring each other's horsepower for pure bragging rights, the drag race event which was held each days, and even a poker tournament was scheduled
held at the Luxor Parking lot next to the gigantic pyramid.
Today, we would like to introduce to you the Show and shine car show coverage. Let's take a look at all the US Supras from the first generation to the last that were displayed.
Got horsepower? 
This 1800hp Supra crawls out of Arizona
Let's see if the numbers add up according to the specs
The Intense Motorsport turbo kit is the guilty party responsible for these high numbers. According to the dyno sheet, this vehicle produces 1800 horsepower, yes, eighteen hundred! A Garret 88-47 turbine and a NX Nitrous kit grace the engine bay. Rather than a full drag racing machine, this beautiful setup looks more like a show car. The parachute mounted to the rear of the car signifies the seriousness of this Toyota. This Supra is an Americans' ideal setup.
The Garret turbo claims its space here. Looking at this size turbo, It further backed up our theory that Americans sure love drag racing! Additionally, there were lots of cars that were setup for drag racing at this event. The bling status of the engine bay is superb enough to stop traffic. The spectators gazing upon this could only sigh. We wish we could've seen this car rocket down the quarter mile! A beautiful machine that is fast is every man's dream.
It's hard to believe that this turbo was not enough, since a full NX nitrous system was installed. The power produced from this was unknown, but the existence of this system proves that this is a pure drag racing machine. NX stands for Nitrous Express, a popular nitrous kit in the US. The rear bumper was cut out to install the parachute mounts. This part made a huge impression of the intensity of this machine. The parachute matched well with the rear of the Supra.
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This yellow Supra is very American!
This car aims to be the best in show
This yellow Supra came all the way from Vancouver, Canada. The engine room, the interior, inside of the rear hatch, and the exterior were customized with the sleek yellow color scheme. The bling bling lovers could not get enough of this brilliant machine. But why were the rear wheels stock? I was wondering that the rear rims were stock. The full specification including the engine and the exterior were unclear, but it's evident that a lot of money had been invested in this masterpiece.
The shiny intake manifold and the turbo, even the strut tower bar was polished to the bone. The yellow theme of this vehicle had been perfectly matched throughout the car. The interior was coordinated with yellow color and black. A color besides yellow was not used to keep the united colors enhancing the Supra's looks.
Inside the rear hatch, a flat LCD display sat perfectly! It seems like the display lifts up with a push of a button. The speakers were placed carefully to keep a good impression of the design. This machine impressed many people, however, we couldn't help but wonder why the rear wheels were stock?! It looked sort of funny, but the owner must have had a good reason to do this.
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This DIY Supra was customized by the owner!
Stock Corvette rims?
The fenders were super wide! These fenders were perfectly matched up with the right size rims. These Corvette rims were planted to the car with spacers. The owner claims he does all the work on the car himself out of his own garage. Since he is still a student and need to make ends meet, he also has his own business selling parts online.
It is hard to see, but custom spacers that make the car 3 inches wider was bolted behind the rim. 3 inch spacers are really wide by the way. This is the owner of the car, who majors in business and at home, studies modifications of cars. His next challenge is to modify the engine, which is currently close to stock.
The quarter-panel and the rear bumper were modified much to achieve the widest look possible. The ducts flow well with the design of this generation Supra. It's good to see that there are lots of DIY guys out there. The rims are off of a Chevrolet Corvette and were painted white to match the body. Since the owner wanted stock looking rims, these simple rims were just right.
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This drag machine representing
the hometown Vegas!
America's first Soarer faced Supra!
The engine was finished up like a true show car. Along with plenty of chrome parts, turbo, and nitrous, this car is too beautiful to drive! He's representing his hometown Vegas!
The Soarer front clip was imported from Japan and swapped into this Supra. A 1JZ-GT engine, HKS intake parts, and a Tanabe sway bars were also installed.
The virtually stock looking form was matched up with drag slicks and a parachute. In this case, simple is best?! The exterior was in pristine condition.
The entire front clip, from the A pillar forward was imported from Japan. Since that included an untouched wiring harness, the swap was simple.
The rear seats have been deleted, and the nitrous bottle and the roll cage take up the unoccupied space. The cockpit looked rather stock. Simple is best!
Jose, the owner of this car attends the SILV event every year. People often ask him what kind of car that is and he never seems to mind explaining to them.
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This year's goal is 9 seconds!
Old School Celica!
The discrete ground effects quietly indicate that this is a true drag race vehicle. A Garret turbocharger pushing 30psi of boost along with a 75 shot of nitrous produces 850 horsepower.

This Celica Supra was still in good condition straight out of a dealer catalog. The 2nd generation Celicas was matched with the Supra name and was rumored to be released by Toyota to compete with the Nissan Z.
The turbine looks bigger than Tony's head! (owner) The Las Vegas drag strip is his play grounds and his best quarter mile time was 10.2 seconds! His goal is to break into the 9's.
A characteristic of MK1(1979-1981 Toyota Supra) is the thick B-pillar. The letters "Celica Supra" is implanted on the pillar.
Both the headlight covers and taillight lenses were smoked black. The contrast of the bright orange and the dark smoked color signified a sense of monstrosity.
Devin, the owner of this MKI claims that he left the interior stock since he prefers the original parts. He looks to be younger than the car too.
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The modernized old car
The unique Supra MK2
with a V8 Engine!
The front bumper and the side skirts flow very well, leaving a ever lasting impression. The front mesh grill added a little spice to this car.

The 1983-1986 Toyota Celica in Japan is called the Toyota Supra MK2 in the US. The Japanese and the American car market share these great cars.
The strut tower bar and the valve cover were painted the same body color; metallic blue. The 5M-GTE engine, Center Force clutch, and a Fluidyne radiator were chosen.
The 1UZ-FE engine from 1992 Celsior and a R154 transmission from a Toyota Soarer were installed. A 5 lug suspension was installed. The car looks fairly stock, but lots of work has been done to it.
The 18" Katana rims with a fat slit spoke design were equipped on the front and the rear. Kuhmo Ecsta tires (front: 225/40-18 and rear:235/40-18) were strapped to the rims.
The 1UZ-FE engine from 1992 Celsior and a R154 transmission from a Toyota Soarer were installed. A 5 lug suspension was installed. The car looks fairly stock, but lots of work has been done to it.
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The true meaning of
the word Front to back,
side to side, wide!
The word "stock" must mean something different in the United States as the owner of the vehicle indicated so on his spec sheet. By looking at this machine, it looks no where near stock...
The front bumper, fenders, sideskirts, and even the rear wing was wide! I Forged Performance black 19" rims gave a good effect to the style.
The carbon fiber rear hatch stands out from the white body. With a parachute, this car is in no ways, stock! A carbon fiber hood was also there.
Is this wing the fresh new style? Carbon door mirrors and super wide Potenza RE050A were equipped. Surprisingly, the size of tires were the front 275/35-19 and rear 345/35-19!!
The body kit and
chrome rims is the US style! Sharp Modellista!
While it looks so simple, many parts of this MK4 were modified. The MK4 is the nickname for the JZA80 Supra and the MK3 us the nickname for JZA70 in the US.
The Modellista wide rear wing indicates that this car is made for drag racing. The combination of the curved body and a straight lined wing was perfectly pulled off.
The carbon fiber panel around the gauge cluster looks cool. Blitz and Defi gauges were used. But why is the steering wheel still stock?
These Veilside rims do not need any emblems to identify them. These rims are very hard to find in the United States. The TRD front calipers provide great stopping power.
The ideal drag machine. The outside and
inside is perfect!
While it looks so simple, many parts of this MK4 were modified. The MK4 is the nickname for the JZA80 Supra and the MK3 us the nickname for JZA70 in the US.
Rather than a flashy body kit, this car appeals its looks with a simple lip spoiler.. The 5-spoke Work Equip rims were bolted on matching the JZA70 style very well.
The front and rear tires were Mickey Thompson slicks. The front size 26/4.5-15 and the rear 28/10.5-15. The lettering on the tires provided a nostalgic look in a sense.
A reworked cylinder head was assembled on the 2JZ engine along with chrome components. JDM parts such as a TRD oil cap and an ARC induction box was chosen.
Enhancing the look with
black parts The MK2s representing!
Carbon canards and hood and black AVS rims make up this machine. This JZA70 cleverly utilizes the color black to bring out that distinct look. The lenses have also been smoked for the finishing touch.
An unique brown body color is accompanied with a set of Centerline chrome rims for the American tuning look. The carbon fiber hood topped off the exterior.
There was an OPTION2 sticker on the rear bumper! The placement of the sticker angle was the perfect JDM style! The color was faded on the sticker. If you need a new one, we will send it to you!
The pristine seats are materials that made up the 80's vehicle design. The mint interior made us think if these were reupholstered.
The MK2s respecting!
This MK2 had Centerlines as well. These rims are that popular in the US? It sure does go well with the body though.
The styling of this car reminded us of the movie "Back To The Future". Although this design is far from new, it is timeless and very cool. The paint on this car was original!
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